First Game Sunday December 7th at :

Please Skype your friendly neighborhood Bob to remind me of the actual date and time.

What do you get when you throw together a practical joker who was kicked out of magic school, piratical bard, and a gnome with a napolean complex together? I don’t know either.

Welcome to the greatest campaign ever to be run! Well, a campaign that will be run…I hope…

This is the Obsidian Portal Page. This is the place for character sheets, histories, avatars, fanfiction, and everything else you want to preserve. I intend to also keep a log of each session (using the adventurer’s log). We can talk about that later.

We’ll also be using Roll20 to actually play the game.
This is the link.

Roll 20 will also me to virtually set up a game table with icons for your characters and enemies, a map, roll dice, and keep track of HP. It’s super cool and you should check it out yourself before game. You can set up macros to do all your rolls automatically so no math is needed.

Here’s what I want before game.

  1. Create an Account in Obsidian Portal (looking at you wing zero)
  2. Create a character page for your character
  3. Fill out as much information as you have, especially race, class, one unique thing, and icon relationships
  4. Create an Account in Roll20
  5. Log onto our page and play around with it.
  6. If you create a character and upload an avatar it will be much easier on Sunday.

Looking forward to it! Let me know if you have any questions!

Half-assed Heroes

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